Customer Video: What Does the Future of Rail Look Like?

Learn what the future of rail looks like to these five industry experts from, HS2, Pöyry, Royal HaskoningDHV, TUC Rail, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.

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Video Script:
I think the main achievements in the digitalization of rail is basically the introduction of the 3D model as a base for planning as a base for engineering Their is now a massive drive and a real appetite from the government and the wider industry as well and around this concept of a national digital twin which is effectively an ecosystem or a connection of the digital twins not only across construction and rail but also other sectors at a national scale. And I think that has pushed always pushing the industry forward. The most important trends I think will be data-driven Solutions or decision-making. We have a lot of data and we have to get information out of it so we can make better business, better choices. I think we'll start to see an uptake of the Internet of things. So IoT platforms, big data and really understanding how we can install smart devices and sensors into physical assets to really drive value from infrastructure and really unlock cost savings through better use of data through analytics and using machine learning to really understand some of these patents and inform decision-making. We're always for focusing on the amount of data for me. It's more how do we capture data? And that's where we need more custom design objects certainly, we need a lot of design data, but we need to capture it using a custom object, custom tools so that we have his context so that we can filter it more efficiently as well. Plus, the major role of the software industry is the provider of methods on how to handle our data. Most efficiently in the most creative way in the most automated and the most standardized ways so that we are capable to do planning to do the construction very quickly When you are implementing you want to find a technology partner that you are going to work well with because you're your expertise is construction and they need to bring that magic wand. That makes technology work for you. And I think you're looking for somebody that wants to do better not somebody that just wants to sell you a piece of technology and move away. Somebody wanting to engage Partnering with Autodesk at least allows us to explain to Autodesk what our needs are and so that they better understand how the framework has to be created Autodesk has a various assortment of software products and in the end, they will talk with each other and that will help us do more and work more integrated between different teams in our company